Commissions & Critiques

If you are looking for that perfect painting that is uniquely you, I do commissioned work. If you have artwork you would like critiqued use the link below to schedule a session. Both Commission work and critiquing are subject to time availability. - Derek C. Wicks

Longhouse Lodger Derek C Wicks

Commissioned Artwork

I love to do commissioned artwork as it is creating something special for a particular individual. Not only is it creating great artwork which is my life goal, it gives me the opportunity to work directly with the people that made this life style possible. I will create coloured rough(s) for you so you will know exactly what the final painting will look like and make ever effort to make that perfect original for you. If you would like to discuss a commissioned piece please use my contact page to reach out to me and dicuss working together!

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Velvet Splendor by Derek Wicks

Critique Your Art

Over the years I have critiqued thousands of pieces of art to help develop other artists skills. If you have a piece of art you would like critiqued I offer a email and a video conference or in studio critique session. Both include a detailed analysis of the art and suggestion on what could make the piece stronger. If you have a piece of artwork you would like critiqued please use my contact page to connect with me and book a session.

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Commissions & Critiques

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