Derek C Wicks

welcome to my inspirations

Welcome to the imagination of internationally acclaimed nature and wildlife artist Derek C. Wicks. On this site you can explore my world of North American animals like wolves, loons, grizzlies and elks and the softer landscape worlds of waterfalls, barns and rural life. My site offers both detailed and condensed biography, image galleries, art instruction videos and a listing of events. Discover the world I see and paint through my website and enjoy the content!

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painting the world I see

"Nature and art have always been the one common thread throughout my life. As early as I can remember I marveled at the wild creatures in my backyard and thrilled at the opportunity to observe them. Nature offers it's self to us openly and freely, to share as part of a ecosystem. We in turn must find a way to accept that we are part of nature and and ecology, not its master. Conservation has been a part of me since the first sight of a wild creature in my backyard. Through my work I hope to show the world the wonder I experience daily. My work is for all who care to imagine in a perfect world where nature and man live and thrive together as one."

-Derek C. Wicks

“Derek in his studio working on the 'Velvet Splendor' original”
“Campsite in the Brooks Range, Alaska. The Angiaak Pass.”
“Derek gathering photographic reference the Grand Canyon - Nevada end”