New Original Art Winter 2016



New Derek Wicks Originals
Hello Derek — I have a few new originals available from my studio today! As Always I am making these originals available to my VIP list before they are available to the
public. If you would like more details or wish to purchase please contact me at (705) 835-5480 or by email at  Enjoy Derek and happy painting!  – Derek C. Wicks

‘Golden Mist’ Great Blue Heron
Derek Wicks 'riverbed Rendezvous'

This painting was an experiment in colour and lighting. I wanted to capture the rich colour of feather and down in strong morning light, but still keep a soft and subtle background to emphasize the bird.
9 x 12
Acrylic on Masonite
Framed in a hand distressed deep brown moulding with gold metal leaf-crackle insert.
 Click here to see framed
Click for Framed Image

‘Winter Cardinal’
Derek Wicks Winter Cardinal Original

This original was painted as a colour study of playing warm against cool to create colour balance.
8 x 10
Acrylic on Masonite
Framed in a Roma Aged Sequoia Red frame with white and gold flaking innerClick here to see framed image.
Click Here For Framed Image

‘Curiosity’ Cougar Cubs
Derek C Wicks - Curiosity - Cougar Cubs

I have received this original back from the Algonquin show and it can be purchased through me now.
12  x 16
Acrylic on Masonite
Framed in a black with gold trim seamless Omega gallery frame.
Click here to see framed image.
Click Here For Framed Image
All paintings listed price are Canadian and include shipping and crating of originals to your location. All originals are shipped with a tracking link and will require a signature on delivery. Thank you to
everyone for your support of my work, it is your support that makes this art journey of mine so special! – Derek C Wicks









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Spring 2015 Enewsletter

PTP – Derek C Wicks Enewsletter


PTP-Derek C Wicks Enewsletter

Welcome to the 2015 Enewsletter!
Hello {!firstname_fix}, I trust that this new edition of the Enewsletter finds everyone in good health and spirits. Since my last Enewsletter things have been going extreme well here on the Wicks homestead. Even the unfortunate turns have spined into better situations. I have exciting news on new coin releases, magazine articles and even a new member of the clan to announce! So away we go……..• Canadian Coin News Article

• Pika Coin Released

• First Colourful Birds Coin Released

• New Workshops Scheduled

• New Original Art

• Say Hi To Koa

New Mint Coin And Article
Pika Coin

It is with great pride and honor that I can now announce the release of another Royal Canadian Mint Coin designed by myself. I have been doing a lot of work with the Mint over the past year and this Pika or Rock Rabbit marks the second coin to be stuck with my work on it. The coin is approximately 11mm in size (about the size of a dime) and is minted in pure gold. The coin is also limited to 10,000 pieces. It was a
pleasure to work with the Mint, their project managers are the best!

This Pika coin is also the centre point of an article the Canadian Coin News printed on me in their newest addition.
The Canadian Coin News has given me permission to share it with you so I have uploaded the PDF to my website and it can be viewed by clicking the page image to the right. You can also view it by clicking here – Derek Wicks Canadian Coin Article. If you would like full details on the coin or to have a look here is a link to the Canadian Mint.


Colourful Songbird Series
Canadian Mint Coin by Derek C. Wicks

The Royal Canadian Mint has also released the first in a five coin series of Colourful Song Birds. The first coin depicts a Northern Cardinal which is one of my designs. The collection is minted on pure silver and is a lager coin with a diameter of 34mm, that is three times the size of my earlier pure gold coins. The coin also has printed full colour birds on them that have an additive in the paint that makes the bird sparkle to simulate the iridescences of real birds, I am told they are the first of their kind. Three of the five coins are my art work, all coins have my coin design. The two other coins in this series that are my artwork are the Blue Jay and the Violet-Green Swallow, the swallow being my favorite! Click the coin above to visit the coin and search Derek Wicks to see the coin.


Barrie workshops

I have set the dates for this years workshops in Barrie Ontario. The first date is May 22-24, 2015 and the workshop is Botswana King. I retired this workshop over 5 years ago, but have had so many request to teach it again. This will be the last time I teach the workshop so I intend to send it off with a bang. I will be demonstrating my traditional style of doing fur and also showing how I do my new style of fur.

The second workshop is scheduled for June 12-14, 2015 and we will be doing a cougar cub. This cougar cub has not been painted so it is a good chance for participants to see how I develope a new painting form start to finish. Full details and registration for these workshops can be viewed here – Workshops.

Cougar Cub Workshop Derek Wicks - Botswana King


Velvet Splendor Original

The newest painting is of a bull moose in his summer velvet rack. I have always wanted to paint a velvet rack, they have such pattern and colour. I think that a moose in velvet is much more interesting then a bare rack. This particular moose was a saving grace from a rather ‘thin’ animal sighting trip to Denali. I traveled with members of WREATH to the far reaches of the Brooks range in northern Alaska on a reference gathering trip for a show proposed for the Smithsonian (starting to wonder if the show will ever be a go?). We saw very little animal life up in the range over our 10 days out. My friend Dustin Van Wechel and I decided to go down to Denali for three days in the attempt to get some wildlife reference shots. This moose was the highlight of the trip. The moose came so close we both had to change to our 24mm lens as he grazed in as close as 15 feet from us! You can view the framed original by clicking the image below.

Derek Wicks - Velvet Splendor


Say Hi To Koa

Well we have a new dog and his name is Koa! Koa is a refugee from the Dominican Republic. He was seized from a puppy mill and we agreed to take Koa and give him a new home in Canada. Koa looks to be a Chow Chow – Shiba Inu mix, at least that is the best guess the vet and I can come up with. He has the black tongue so he is defiantly a Chow Chow mix. We found Koa from a wonderful volunteer site on Facebook called Street Souls Dog Rescue. I would like to thank Monica Black for all her hard work to find these unfortunate dogs new homes, Monica’s time is 100% volunteered! Koa arrived not to sure about this snow stuff and a little under weight. He now loves the snow is filling out quite nicely. if you would like to see pictures of Koa just visit my Facebook page by clicking the picture below, I am one of those annoying parents that posts new pictures of his kid every two seconds, LOL.




Happy Painting {!firstname}! 

Link To Canadian Coin News Article


Above is the link to the article Canadian Coin Collector wrote on me in their newest edition. The article is saved in PDF and can be viewed by clicking the page image above. I would like to thank Carolyn Mullin for a wonderful write-up on me and the Canadian Coin News for their kind permission to post the article


New Originals or Sale

Velvet Splendor 

Velvet splendor 

ravenValley Of The Raven


Upcoming Events




Algonquian Art Centre

Original Art showcase

June-Oct 2015
Botswana King Workshop

May 22-24, 2015

Barrie, ON

(705) 835-5480

Contact: Derek Wicks

Cougar Cub Workshop

June 12-14, 2015

Barrie, ON

(705) 835-5480

Contact: Derek Wicks

Botswana King Workshop

Sep 12-14, 20135

Paint For Joy

St. Albert ,AB

(780) 418-3488


Images Studio Tour

Oct 11-14, 2013

(705) 835-5480

Wicks Gallery, Moonstone, ON








Derek Wicks Summer Enewsletter


Welcome to the fall Enewsletter!

Hello Everyone, I trust that this new edition of the Enewsletter finds everyone in good health and spirits. It has been over 6 months since my last Enewsletter and so much has happened since then. I am now settled into my new home and my studio/gallery is almost complete, I should have some photos by the next Enewsletter. I have several announcements in this edition, ones I am finally allowed to make public. There are several new originals and lots of phots from my Jasper trip in this edition of the Enewsletter, so lets get to it!
• Canadian Mint Coin Released

• Barrie Workshops Scheduled

• Trip To Jasper, AB

• New Original For Algonquin Show

• Three New Originals

• Masterpieces in Miniatures Show

Canadian Mint Coin Released
Yellowstone photo

It is with great pride and honor that I can now announce the release of the first Royal Canadian Mint Coin designed by me. I have been doing a lot of work with the Mint over the past year and this eagle marks the first coin to be stuck with my work on it. The eagle coin is available on its own or as part of a five coin series. The coin is approximately 11mm in size (about the size of a dime) and is minted in pure gold and pure platinum. The coin is also limited to 3000 pieces. It was a pleasure to work with the Mint, their project managers are the best! I look forward to future coins being released and will post to my newsletter when coins do become available to the public. If you would like full details on the coin or to have a look here is a link to the Canadian Mint.


Barrie Workshops Scheduled
Derek Wicks Workshop Poto

Only one workshop left this year. It has been another wonderful year for workshops and fun. I really love to teach workshops as it gets me out of my studio and back around other artist’s that are as inspired to learn as I am. My last workshop will be at the Barrie Art Club and I will be teaching how to paint Killarney Glow. We are down to 2 seats remaining for this workshop. If you are interested in joining us you can use this link Derek Wicks Barrie Workshops. You can register on this page or give me a call at 705-835-5480. As always I look forward to painting with everyone!


Trip To Jasper, AB

As I have said many times, the Jasper – Banff area of the Canadian Rockies is my favorite spot in the world. There is so much to see and do that there is never enough time during my visits. On this tip I made the 10KM round trip up to the Sulphur Skyline. I do not usually go where the main tourist trails are for the obvious reason that I want pure “wild” nature photographs, but hearing time and time again about the view at the peak I had to see for myself……. worth the climb! If you are looking for a day trip in the park I suggest the Sulphur skyline trail as the view at the end is spectacular.

Sometimes when you visit the park get skunked and do not see a single animal… this was not one of those times. Right off the get go I run into a Grizzly and her cubs in the north end of the park just outside of Jasper! Another high light was an encounter with a lone wolf, for those of you familiar with wolves you know the astronomical odds of a close viewing encounter with a wolf. I did not get many shots, but the few I got are great. I will be holding onto these shots and posting them later with the painting I am going to do of him. Here is the link to Derek Wicks In Jasper, these shots are some of the highlights. Hope you like the shots, feel free to share the link or use the “like” Facebook link.

Images Tour Images Tour Images Tour


New Original For Algonquian Show

This years theme for the Algonquin Show is ‘Algonquin By Night’ giving me the opportunity to do a painting I have wanted to do for sometime. I photographed this Great Grey Owl many years ago and have been looking for the perfect setting to be used in a painting. When I heard that Algonquin was going to have a ‘by Night’ theme the light bulb went on and ‘Midnight Sentinel’ was born. The original is on display at the Algonquin Art Centre until October. You can see Midnight Sentinel Here. On another note I have finally received back the original “Forged By Flow” which was last years Director’s Choice Award in the Algonquin show and it is now available for sale back in my studio. Visit my Derek Wicks website for details.

Images Tour

Midnight Sentinel

Images Tour

Forged By Flow


Happy Painting Everyone! 

Masterpieces in Miniature Show

Charity Ellen Clark Wicks

I have been invited to join the Masterpieces in Miniatures show out in Sherwood Park, AB. This show is well known in the art world for the high quality show it delivers each year. This year I have sent my original ‘Shrouded Perch’ to the show and look forward to working with the Picture This gallery in the future. Here is the link to the show, there are such names as Robert Bateman, Terry Issac, Michael Dumas and many others. Very happy to be part of the Picture This show!

New Originals

Images Tour 

Wind Swept

Images TourMisty Mountain Challenge
Images TourOn A Time Out
Upcoming Events 



Algonquin Art Centre

Original Art showcase

June-Oct 2014
Killarney Glow Workshop

Aug 8-10, 2014

Barrie, ON

(705) 835-5480

Contact: Derek Wicks

Buckhorn Fine Art Show

Aug 15-17, 2014

Buckhorn, ON


Turpin Gallery Show

Sept 4, 2014

Jackson, WY

(307) 733-7530

Images Studio Tour

Oct 10-13, 2014

(705) 835-5480

Wicks Gallery

Moonstone, ON








Summer 2014 in Jasper National Park

Finally had time to go through the 1400 photos I took in Jasper. Here are the hilights.

Derek C Wicks Royal Canadian Mint Coin

I am proud to announce that my first Royal Canadian Mint coin design is now released and available to the public. The coin is minted in pure Platinum and Gold version and has a face value of $5.00. The coin is part if a five piece series depicting the Bald Eagle. Full details are available at

Two new paintings and a third in the works for SEWE

Finished two new paintings for the SEWE show and now painting a third painting of a elk. Coming along great, almost ready to start painting the misted background. Painting should be finished in about a week or so. I will post to the website on its completion.

Fall in Yellowstone & Grand Teton Parks

Well this is my second trip to Yellowstone this year, but it was short lived. Only two days in the park and I was asked to leave by rangers because of the US Government shut down. Despite the short two day stay I got really great reference shots. The elk shoots I got this time around are dynamite and I can not wait to start putting together paintings.

Yellowstone & Glacier National Parks

Had a great time down in Yellowstone and Glacier before I did my workshop in Edmonton. I was a little early this year and did not have access to a lot of both parks (still snow blocking roads), but got some great shots anyway. Here is a little montage of the trip, hope to be painting from the reference real soon!

New Wolf Painting

New wolf painting is well on its way and coming along nicely. One of these days I am going to learn how to take a better photograph. Should have the forest finished by the end of weekend and be on to the wolf and adding some verticals to the painting by mid week. Can not wait to add in the rich warm colours of the reeds and sun lit saplings. Happy painting everyone.