Derek C. Wicks Originals 2017

New Derek Wicks Originals
Hello Derek — I have a few new originals available from my studio today! As always I am making these originals available to my VIP list before they are available to the
public. If you would like more details or wish to purchase please contact me at (705) 835-5480 or by email at  Enjoy Derek and happy painting!  – Derek C. Wicks
‘Autumn Stroll’ Wood Ducks

Derek Wicks 'riverbed Rendezvous'


This painting was my submission for the 2018 WHC print and stamp. In the end WHC did not want to use it so it will go to Ducks Unlimited for 2018. The original will be available from me until May 2017 and then through The Algonquin Art Centre’s 2017 show.
Acrylic on Masonite
$1500.00 Can.
Framed in a hand rubbed black-red moulding with gold metal leaf accent. Use the link below to see larger framed image.​
‘Anytime Now’ Grizzly Bear

Derek Wicks Anytime Now Grizzly


This painting was a fun painting exploring the many different textures of nature. The soft, but rugged fur of the grizzly is what originally attracted me to do this painting. I found myself loving the water and rock textures just as much! This original will be available through me until April and then through the Masters Of Miniature Show in Alberta.
Acrylic on Masonite
$1300.00 Can.
Framed in a hand rubbed black-red moulding with gold metal leaf accent. Use the link below to see larger framed image.​
‘The Morphing Landscape’ Polar Bear

Derek Wicks The Morphing Landscape


This painting was an exploration into the harsh environment of the northern tundra. The massive polar bear is one of the few creatures who can survive the elements of the far north making it a perfect subject matter for the setting. This image is part of the 2017 Ducks Unlimited National Portfolio.
Acrylic on Masonite
$5000.00 Can.
Framed in a hand distressed off white moulding with gold metal leaf crackle insert and capped with silver accent. Use the link below to see larger framed image.​
All paintings listed price are Canadian and include shipping and crating of originals to your location. All originals are shipped with a tracking link and will require a signature on delivery. Thank you to everyone for your support of my work, it is your support that makes this art journey of mine so special! – Derek C


“Surveying the Realm” Bald Eagle Painting Finished

The last two weeks since my last post have been  hectic ones. Last weekend was the Images Studio Tour here at my gallery, a four day event with approximately 5000 people visiting over the Thanksgiving weekend (Canadian). Had a lot of fun socializing with many people I have not seen in awhile. On Tuesday I stated to work out the way I wanted to handle the eagle in my new painting by colour coping the original and then adding a little paint to the colour copy. Once I was satisfied I painted the eagle on the original. Doing a quick study on colour copies is a good way to workout ideas before you go to the final original, I do this allot. Below is a photo of the final piece which I think I will name “Surveying the Realm”. Once the original comes back from being photographed I will post the final high res shot to my website. This painting is a private commission piece for Mike & Pattie Callahan and will not be for sale, but a limited edition Giclée will be available in the near future.
Last night was a very entertaining night in my neighborhood as a tree fell into a hydro wire and caused a whole transformer to blow! If you have never seen one go, it is like the fourth of July! Sparks and discharged energy everywhere. The fire department had to come and put out a fire in the woods started by the fireworks. I was without electricity for most of the night and my electric phones got zapped! We keep one traditional phone in my office in case of power failures so at least we have one phone for now. Scary night!
Final editing continues on the two new PTP how to paint DVD’s. The two videos will be ready for the November 3 release date. Happy painting everyone!