2017 Images Studio Tour

Derek C. Wicks Open Gallery Oct. 6-9


Your Invited To My Gallery!

Images Studio Tour Oct 6-9, 2017
Hello everyone, hope you are enjoying the fall colours! I would like to invite you all to my annual open house during the Images Studio Tour this coming weekend October 6-9. For anyone in the greater Toronto  area my gallery will be open from 10:00am to 5:00pm all four days of the Thanksgiving Long Weekend. I will have  several pieces of original art available this year, and 4 Royal Canadian Mint Coin original artwork
displayed.  I will also have many limited edition canvas and paper giclées available. Hope to see everyone who can join us this weekend at the studio/gallery!!
Originals Available Oct 6-9
Autumn Stroll - Derek C wicks



Winter Bundle - Derek C Wicks



painting in progress - Derek C Wicks




Misty Mountain Challenge - Derek C Wicks




Velvet Splendor - Derek C Wicks




Royal Canadian Mint - Derek C Wicks



You can also visit my page on the Images Studio Tour website, use this






Wild Realms Publishing Inc., 164 Moonstone Rd.E., Moonstone, ON L0K 1N0, CANADA

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New Original Art Winter 2016



New Derek Wicks Originals
Hello Derek — I have a few new originals available from my studio today! As Always I am making these originals available to my VIP list before they are available to the
public. If you would like more details or wish to purchase please contact me at (705) 835-5480 or by email at webmaster@wildrealms.com  Enjoy Derek and happy painting!  – Derek C. Wicks

‘Golden Mist’ Great Blue Heron
Derek Wicks 'riverbed Rendezvous'

This painting was an experiment in colour and lighting. I wanted to capture the rich colour of feather and down in strong morning light, but still keep a soft and subtle background to emphasize the bird.
9 x 12
Acrylic on Masonite
Framed in a hand distressed deep brown moulding with gold metal leaf-crackle insert.
 Click here to see framed
Click for Framed Image

‘Winter Cardinal’
Derek Wicks Winter Cardinal Original

This original was painted as a colour study of playing warm against cool to create colour balance.
8 x 10
Acrylic on Masonite
Framed in a Roma Aged Sequoia Red frame with white and gold flaking innerClick here to see framed image.
Click Here For Framed Image

‘Curiosity’ Cougar Cubs
Derek C Wicks - Curiosity - Cougar Cubs

I have received this original back from the Algonquin show and it can be purchased through me now.
12  x 16
Acrylic on Masonite
Framed in a black with gold trim seamless Omega gallery frame.
Click here to see framed image.
Click Here For Framed Image
All paintings listed price are Canadian and include shipping and crating of originals to your location. All originals are shipped with a tracking link and will require a signature on delivery. Thank you to
everyone for your support of my work, it is your support that makes this art journey of mine so special! – Derek C Wicks









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Derek C. Wicks Workshops Scheduled

New Derek Wicks Workshops
Hello everyone — it is my pleasure to announce two new workshops that are scheduled in Barrie, Ontario this summer. These two workshops will both be three day workshops and will be limited to 15 participants in each. Enough of the small talk, here is the info!
‘Rush’ Moving Water Workshop


Derek Wicks Moving Water Workshop



This workshop is designed to teach students how to break down the major facets of rushing water, cascading, rippling and reflective. This workshop also teaches the participant how to create the subtle and distorted shapes of rushing/cascading water. Techniques learned in this workshop include transition strokes, spattering, dry brush ……

7 Seats Remaining
‘King Of The Hill’ Workshop


derek wicks king of the hill workshop



This workshop is designed to teach participants how to incorporate both high detail and subtle shape into a painting to create depth. As many other workshops I teach, we will concentrate on breaking down a painting and then adding detail. Techniques learned in this workshop are fur textures, rock textures, stepping, dry brushing………

8 Seats Remaining
This workshop is also available in Edmonton, AB. Check my events page for more details.
Both of my workshops will be demonstrated in acrylics, but techniques are suitable for watercolor, gouache, casein and oil colours (oil colour does have dry time hinderance). I have set up a detailed information page on both workshops on my website.  For full details visit the webpage or feel free to contact me directly (705) 835-5480. I look forward to painting with everyone this summer and happy painting!  – Derek C Wicks


Alaska Brooks Range Backpacking Trip

I have been back from Alaska now for three weeks and I am finally getting back into the swing of the everyday routine. I have just finished the Slideshow I will be presenting at my studio during next weekends Images Studio Tour. Here is a little taste of the slideshow. Happy painting everyone!

Derek C Wicks Enewsletter


PTP-Derek C Wicks Enewsletter



Looking Forward to Spring
I do not think it matters where you live in this world, we all can agree it has been a very mild winter for us all. Even though this winter has been very mild, I am still ready for spring to come and see the colour to the foliage return. I think it is funny how I love the coming of the winter in November, December and then long to see it go come end of January to the beginning of February. In this Enewsletter there are several exciting updates to tell you about so lets get to it! This email can also be viewed on-line at my blog. Read this Enewsletter on my blog



Whats On The Easel


At this point there is actually several paintings that are on the go. First is my painting of the North Shore of Lake Huron.  I have been working on this painting here and there between commissioned pieces for some time now and it looks like it will be bumped again for other jobs. The second painting in works is a piece for the Celebration Of Wildlife Art 2012 show in Kenai, Alaska. I have been asked to paint two or three paintings for this show that will run from June 1 to September 3, 2012. The piece I am working on right now is a raven flying through the forest past a Haida totem pole. I have wanted to paint this painting for a long time and I am very happy to have the chance to finally work on it.  Be sure to visit my blog regularly over this summer as I will be very busy painting commissions for the Algonquin Show, Michelle & Fidel Singh, Collen & Dave Stewart and plan on posting the progress of each painting every couple of days. To read the first entry of the totem pole painting visit my blog at my wildlife art website.


Totem pole In Works


Alaska Research Trip A Go
In my last Enewsletter I broke the news of my inclusion in the Alaska research trip to collect reference for the  “Visions Of The Boreal Forest” show at the Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian, well I have the itinerary, 6 weeks of hell (lol). I am a member of both the Alpine Team and the Kobuk Team, what can I say, I am a gluten for punishment. This trip is such a once in a lifetime honor and opportunity that I figured I would bite the bullet and push the limits traveling the full 500 miles of the trip. The trip will start with a helicopter drop in the Kobuk Mountain range and end 500 miles down river in Kotzebue Alaska. The trip will range from traveling the alpine rapids by canoe to paddling the Grizzly filled shores of the Kobuk river and end with a maritime paddle of the coast in the Bearing Strait. Below is the simplified itinerary of the trip.

1. July 25: Alpine team put in on Noatak (could be the same or a bit later – Aug 1 – for any of the recon contingency options)

2. August 7: Kobuk team put in on Kobuk at Art Mortvedt’s cabin (water level allowing). Secure place to wait for Alpine team

3. August 7-9: Rendezvous

4. August 9-10: Continue downstream on Kobuk: no rapids, no portages

5. August 30: Arrive Kiana, AK

6. September 7 +/-: Arrive Kotzebue, AK

7. September 7 +/-: Return by scheduled air service to Fairbanks, AK

8. September 7+/-: Celebratory dinner Fairbanks, AK

9. September 8 +/-: Return flights to points south

 Here is a link to a Google maps page that shows the trip stops: Alaska Trip Map. I will also be landing in Alaska a few days early to make an appearance at the Celebration Of Wildlife Art 2012 show in Kenai, Alaska. Making this trip just short of seven weeks long! I can not wait to go, I am like a small child waiting for Christmas! I plan on presenting my trip in a video / slideshow at my studio during the Images Studio Tour. I want the people who have supported me over the years to be the first to see the trip and the ideas I have for the paintings to be made from the research trip. I will post more info closer to the show in October.
Click For Larger map
I have received a lot of
emails requesting a local workshop in the Barrie, ON area. I am in the
process of trying to acquire a space in Barrie to conduct two separate
workshops, one on moving water and the other painting “Into The Briar”
snow piece. I am hoping to book something in the June to July time
frame. If you have any requests on different workshops or would like to
be added to the contact list for one or both of these workshops contact
me by clicking here. Add what workshop you would be interested in taking in the
“comments” area of the contact sheet .Your name , email and phone number are the only other info required. I will post info to both the wildlife art website and the how to paintwebsite as information becomes available.


Happy Painting {!firstname}!
Great Time at the SEWE Show

Click To Viw Larger Image

Another wonderful year at the SouthEastern Wildlife Expo in Charleston, South Carolina. I had the chance to visit with old friends and new friends and spend a little time with my Cousins from Florida that come up to SEWE over the weekend. It is always nice to see family you don’t get to see very often. Above is my good friend John Hoffman, Maureen and I in my booth posing for our glamour shot. John is the proud owner of “African Penguin Study”. This is John’s second original of mine, he also owns “Sport Of Kings” African Lion. I always have a lot of fun with John at ever show, thanks for being such a great guy!
I would also like to congratulate Don Rambadt on his purchase of “Water Study”. For those of you who do not know Don he is one of the most talented sculptors I have ever had the privileged of knowing. Not only is he a world renowned sculptor who was the featured sculptor at the SEWE show this year, he is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet. Thanks Don and congrats!
 Click To View Large Image
I also want to thank Collen & Dave Stewart for joining me in Charleston, I had a lot of fun with both of you and look forward to our “art” conversations in the future, you are always welcome at my place.
Charleston really is a great time every year. There is no show as grand as the SEWE show and I hope every art lover has the opportunity to experience it at some point.
Upcoming Events



Algonquin Art CentreOriginal Art showcaseJune-Sept 2012
Celebration Of Wildlife Art 2012

Original Art showcase

Kenai, Alaska

June 1 -Sept 3 2012
Alaskan Eagle Workshop

May 25-27, 2012

Ingersoll, ON

(519) 485-0977

Contact: Moe Shier


“Surveying the Realm” Bald Eagle Painting Finished

The last two weeks since my last post have been  hectic ones. Last weekend was the Images Studio Tour here at my gallery, a four day event with approximately 5000 people visiting over the Thanksgiving weekend (Canadian). Had a lot of fun socializing with many people I have not seen in awhile. On Tuesday I stated to work out the way I wanted to handle the eagle in my new painting by colour coping the original and then adding a little paint to the colour copy. Once I was satisfied I painted the eagle on the original. Doing a quick study on colour copies is a good way to workout ideas before you go to the final original, I do this allot. Below is a photo of the final piece which I think I will name “Surveying the Realm”. Once the original comes back from being photographed I will post the final high res shot to my website. This painting is a private commission piece for Mike & Pattie Callahan and will not be for sale, but a limited edition Giclée will be available in the near future.
Last night was a very entertaining night in my neighborhood as a tree fell into a hydro wire and caused a whole transformer to blow! If you have never seen one go, it is like the fourth of July! Sparks and discharged energy everywhere. The fire department had to come and put out a fire in the woods started by the fireworks. I was without electricity for most of the night and my electric phones got zapped! We keep one traditional phone in my office in case of power failures so at least we have one phone for now. Scary night!
Final editing continues on the two new PTP how to paint DVD’s. The two videos will be ready for the November 3 release date. Happy painting everyone!

Derek C Wicks Fall Enewsletter 2011

Derek C Wicks Enewsletter 6 Times aYear
Hello everyone, I trust that this Enewsletter finds you enjoying  the beautiful fall colours! Today’s Enewsletter starts with an update on the frequency of the Enewsletter. Over the last year or two I have received several unhappy emails that my Enewsletter does not come  out enough with only four times a year. People would like to know what is going on more often, to my surprize. This news has done great things for my ego and I am happy to cater to the demand. I only published four times a year because I did not want people to get upset that I am always emailing them. Well it looks like I have gone to far the other way and I am happy to say that I will now send out the Enewsletter every two months on or about the first of the month. It will be my goal to make sure my life stays as interesting as I can to make the Enewsletters inspiring, if not…… I will just lie……LOL.



New DVD’s

The new Moving Water DVD has been completed and is ready to go. The second video – Rock Textures is almost complete and will be ready in about two weeks. I have made the release date for both of these DVD’s November 3, 2011. Along with the two new DVD’s there will be a new free video clip posted to the free video area of the Power to Paint website on how to use an airbrush to create rays of sun. The new soaring eagle painting to  the right is the source for the demonstration on this new free clip. Those that are signed up for the Power To Paint Enewsletter will automatically receive information on all these new releases in the next week or two. Happy painting!


Visit Power To Paint.



Derek C Wicks News


Commissions, shows & workshops…

I am so busy it is not funny! Right now I am painting like a mad man with 3 commissions on the go and DVD editing every night. When it rains it pours. I am very happy to be doing commissions for Mike & Pattie Callahan of Riverside, RI – Fidel & Michelle Singh of Mississauga, ON and Val & Dave Macdonald of Barrie, ON. All have asked for paintings I am very eager to paint. It makes my job so much easier when you love the paintings you are working on. I have been posting the progress of the Callahan painting on my blog and will continue to post progress on all upcoming paintings. here is the quick link to the blog.

This weekend is the Images Studio Tour
at my studio/gallery. I invite you {!firstname} to drop by to  visit and see what is going on at my studio. This is the one time
of year I can guarantee I will be available and not painting! The Callahan original will be on display as well as two new Giclée canvas’s. One of those new reproductions is Legends Of The Mist. After 10 years of people asking I have finally made a new limited edition print and canvas of my favorite painting of all time (displayed below). The Images Tour also offers 23 other art stops with 39 different artist’s work on display. For more information on the Images Studio Tour visit the website.

In November I will be back in St.Albert, AB to teach my “Racoon Portrait” workshop. St.Albert and Halifax are my two favorite places to have a workshop, everyone there is so eager to learn and gives 110%. This workshop will be three days long and focus on the creation of detailed fur painting. If you are interested in the workshop visit my wildlife art website or visit Carole Maxwell at Paint For Joy  www.paint4joy.com. My website offers details on the day to day instruction and Carole’s website is where you would sign up for the workshop.

Have a great fall season!

This Enewsletter will be posted on my BLOG.


Soaring Eagle Commission
My new original of a soaring eagle is a commissioned work for Mike & Pattie Callahan of Riverside, RI and is untitled.

I have been posting the progress of this original in  my blog and you can view the painting from start to finish in the various posts, view Derek Wicks Blogs here. Would love everyone’s help to come up with a name for this painting. If you have a good name for it send me an email through the contact page on my website. If I use the name I will tell the world it was you in my next Enewsletter!


Events Calendar


Images Studio Tour

Wicks Studio Gallery

October 7-10, 2011

Horseshoe Valley, ON


Paint For Joy Workshop November 11-13, 2011

St.Albert, AB

workshop details

SEWE Show February 17-19, 2012

Charleston, SC



Eagle Commission in Final Stages

The more I paint this painting the more I fall in love with it. This commission for Mike & Pattie Callahan is now in the home stretch. When I designed this painting Mike Callahan mentioned he liked the shafts of light in the Soaring Eagle Comp in earlier posts. At the time I said that I thought it would be to much, but know I am thinking it is exactly what it needs! Tomorrow I will be doing some test paintings on a few colour copies to make sure I like the colour and position of the light shafts. I have uploaded a sample of what I have in mind, I will have to refine the light shafts so they are little more random and not so symmetrical. I will be filming the colour copy test painting and uploading it to my how to paint website in the near future so keep an eye out for it!

Bald Eagle Derek Wicks

Painting in the final stages!

soaring bald eagle

Photoshoped shafts of light for reference

Soaring Eagle – Mountain Detail

Long week at work on the mountains, allot of subtle plain changes and colour changes to work out. I am very happy with the mountains at this point and will be working of the sky and clouds next. Have to go into a different mind set to paint the clouds. Was using a very opaque, hard edged stroke for the mountains and the sky will be “light touch” dry-brush to get the fanned off, broken edge look of the clouds. Here is a couple of updated pics of the progress. Again nothing but rain and overcast here at the studio, makes for dull shots. Happy painting everyone.

Bald eagle soaring over mountain range

"Mountains looking go, time to paint the sky"

detail of Denali mountain range

detail of the mountain range"

Soaring Bald Eagle Progress

A week into my new Bald Eagle painting for Mike & Pattie Callahan and things are moving right along. Very happy with the local colour and have blocked in my large areas and made sure the colours are “singing” together (pic1). Now that I am happy with the local colour I can start to block in some shape and form in the mountains. Really have to make sure the purple and pinks vibrate off of each other in the mountains. The whole composition is based on the play of the analogous colour scheme and I will need to pick up more purples and pinks in the mountains so they will have some unity with the sky down the road (pic2). Really loving the mountains right now, the shape and sense of depth are already staring to show and I have not even started on the receding mountains where we can really establish some depth. I have shot the first two pics with my iPhone so they are not so great, the third pic is much better quality, but shot on a very dark and rainy day in my studio so the colour is a little pale. Hope to get some great shots for the next blog entry sometime this week. Happy painting everyone.

Derek C Wicks Soaring Bald Eagle

Pic3 - Mountains weell on thier way

painting in pregress by Derek C Wicks

Pic2 - shape and form staring to come around

painting in progress by Derek C Wicks

Pic3- Mountains are really starting to come alive!